Proper winterizing is key to protecting your sprinkler system during the cold season. We often get asked if a small shop compressor will get the job done. The answer is NO!

A large volume of air under low pressure is what it takes to get all the water out of pipes. The large tow-behind compressors we use will do just that. Small compressors use high pressure and low volume. So low that it doesn’t do anything.

When using a low volume of air it just blows a little bit of the water out of the pipe and then blows air over the remaining. This gives the impression that the system is dry but it really hasn’t been touched.

For a professional, properly done and guaranteed winterization call us! We will get it done right and give you the peace of mind that it will survive the winter.

We guarantee our work. If you have a problem caused by water in your pipes after we have performed this service, we will fix it.

Don’t risk damage from improperly winterized sprinklers! Call us today!

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