Sprinkler & Backflow

Sprinkler System Service Call, Start Up & Winterization Information


Service Call / Repair

Our service call charge include 1 hour of service time (additional time is invoiced at our hourly rate).

During this time, our technician will diagnose your issue or system and perform necessary repairs. Parts are additional.

Start Up Service

Our start up service gives your system a thorough spring tune-up. We run through each zone, check all heads for proper alignment and operation, program your controller and look for any problems or concerns.

Backflow Certification Test

We test all types of backflow preventers. Generally your irrigation system backflow test is required annually.

Winterization Service

Our winterizing service removes all water from your system and prepares it for the cold winter temperatures. We shut down your system, blow all the water from the lines using a large air compressor and note any problems (generally repair in the spring startup service).

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